Performance in High Places

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What ​We


Summation Athletics offers training for a variety of activities based on the fundamental principles of exercise physiology. We specialize in mountain athletics including rock-climbing, trail running, mountaineering, backcountry hunting and fishing, and alpine climbing.

Who We Are

Summation Athletics offers you cutting edge knowledge and training provided through expert mountain-guides and world-recognized professionals in exercise and high altitude physiology.


Our Mission

To deliver world-class training and expedition advice based on the well-established principles of exercise and altitude physiology and to inspire and support a culture of mountain athletes throughout the world.

How we Got Here

Summation Athletics was built out of a passion for knowledge and the pursuit of adventure. As a graduate student and climbing wall instructor at Kansas State University, Scott Ferguson met George Bieker in 2013 at an adventure programming conference held at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, in Jasper Arkansas. After connecting throughout the next year, they returned to the same conference in 2014 and gave a lecture entitled "Training for Mountain Performance." After offering training and expedition advice for the next five years, Scott and George founded Summation Athletics in 2019 with the aim of combining their expertise in exercise physiology and mountain craft. 


Integrated into both the academic and mountain-guiding worlds, the experts at Summation Athletics are truly professionals in their respective fields and are here to share their knowledge with those who will listen. 

Summation Athletics LLC

Hilo, HI

Bellingham, WA

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