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What is Summation?

sum·ma·tion /səˈmāSH(ə)n/

In exercise physiology, a summation is the additive effect of multiple neuromuscular impulses required to produce a muscle contraction. What exactly does this all mean? Our muscles do not contract when stimulated by a single nerve impulse. Instead, when our muscle cells are stimulated to contract by our nerves (called motor neurons), it is the result of multiple electrical impulses that have built upon one another making them strong enough contract. 

Simply put, the term “summation” refers to the process of adding things together, which is exactly what happens when training for a trail-race, climbing objective, or a week-long hunting trip in the high country. For each of these disciplines, the threshold of success isn’t determined by one day, week, or even month of training, but instead requires the additive effect of multiple months and sometimes years of well-conceived mental, endurance, and strength training. Summation Athletics is the culmination of our knowledge gained through years of formal and informal training in the disciplines of endurance training, physiology, and performance in high altitude environments. 

While many coaching companies prescribe workouts and assume that the technical terms used by the experts are of no interest to their athletes, Summation Athletics mentors the individual and bridges the gap between the laboratory and field. We do this through a variety of coaching options aimed at helping you reach your goals through a summation of specific and progressive mental and physical training. Summation Athletics offers custom-made training programs, 1-on-1 coaching, and personal training consultation. No matter your age, experience level, or goals Summation Athletics provides you with the mental and physical tools needed to reach your maximum potential. If you are ready to explore the limits of your performance, we would be honored to share our knowledge and aid in your journey to the summit of your choosing.

- Scott Ferguson, Co-Founder & Coach

Summation Athletics LLC

Hilo, HI

Bellingham, WA


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